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Some projects done by Fardan Machine Company

Considering the country's need to supply protein products and the elimination of food imports from foreign countries, the need to localize food industry infrastructure, production of livestock and poultry inputs from the production stage to packaging is of great importance. The company is proud to use its technical and engineering capabilities, experienced staff as well as access to software, hardware and global standards. It has been proud of its experience in the implementation of projects from the design stage to the construction, delivery, supply of equipment and spare parts.

Experience the quality at the lowest cost

.ARDAN MACHIN SHARGH Company can safely claim that it has designed and implemented a customized project for any individual or corporate person with any capacity and facilities available. In these projects, we will be with you from the design phase and the plant layout on your land until the completion of the project and the final start of the work. Our backup team will be with you when you start the project. These projects include livestock feed, poultry, aquaculture, and ... lines with capacities below 1 tone per hour for less use than feed lines of more than 20 tons per hour for further use, which is proportional to With the ground, niches and conditions in horizontal and classical forms are designed and implemented.