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Hammer Mill

The crushing of grains like corn, barley, wheat, straw, alfalfa hay, chemical agents, including a s teel body that are located within the hammer, the hammer and the driving force for the motion around an axis of rotation that the materials are crushed by the hammer and then fit the mesh holes are milled out of it. Hammers are made of hardened s teel that is used in the corners. It has the capacity of 5 to 30 tons per hour based on the kind of product, moisture Capabilities: -The speed of rotation: 3000 turns per minute - Motor: at mos t 250 kw -The internal sifter is changeable -The central input of the product -The ability to turn bilaterally or in two sides -The ability to sift until 1 to 6 min - Total Capacity: 15 to 18 ton/h according - to grid 4 and 5 millimeter - Static and Dynamic balance - Having central shaft by BUZ - Having headstock and ball bearing by SKF - Having feeder control to set the material

Pouring the feed

To the finest dimensions

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